We started Threaded because work is changing and community is the future

Threaded believes that the future of work is professional communities. Our relationships with the workplace are changing. Many of us work remotely. We switch jobs sometimes so often that we feel detached from the mission of our work. Contracting is a new a growing allure. All of these changes have positives, but its breaking our relationships - to our work and the people we work with.

Professional Communities, whether a formal group of peers, past colleagues organized in a Slack or some great connections made at a conference, are the durable bonds of our working future.

Threaded serves communities first. We are here to support them in their mission as they grow into their important role in the future of work.

Founded by Marketplace Leader, Community Member

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Trent has worked in talent marketplaces for 10 years, helping build brands like Hired, Triplebyte, Trusted Health, Shift, and Impact. He has helped people find jobs they love his entire career across multiple industries.

Trent founded Talent Market Makers, the only community focused exclusively on operators in the talent marketplace category.

Trent Krupp

Founder, Threaded

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