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Who would be the mobilizers at GlaxoSmithKline for data analysis solutions?
Who is the CFO of United Health Care?
Who reports to the CSO at Genentech?
Who are the senior procurement leaders at Blue Cross?
Who buys data science tools at Mount Sinai?
What were the most recent leadership hires at Color Genomics?
Who buys data science tools at Mount Sinai?

How it works

Threaded is a network of Sales People helping each other land complex sales

We serve sales people selling into Fortune 1000 companies giving them recent sales plans that have worked for complimentary products sold into the same buyer.

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Vetted Community of
Sales Pros

Threaded's community of sales professionals have sold into the largest companies on earth, navigating complex buying process opaque to even the target organization itself.

The only people that know how to sell into an organization are those that have done it before. We bring those folks together to accelerate sales, close more deals and hit quota.

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We don't share sales data between competitive products

We don't share sales plans with competitive organizations.  We use CB Insights and G2 Crowd to ensure that we are engaging sales pros selling complimentary products into the same buyers are target orgs.

We're like partnership sales on steroids. Imagine if you could partner with the sales orgs for every product your buyers use. That's what we do.

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We work as an exchange: Give a plan, get a plan

We believe in the power of lifting all boats and work as a safe exchange for sales plans between sales people. The more you give, the more you get from our network.

By trading sales plans, you get the collective benefit of the global network of sales professionals.  It's a good deal - you should take it.

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